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About The Dance Factory

The Studio

The Dance Factory was founded to provide a safe environment for youth and adults to learn and grow in the area of dance education. We have incorporated standards and best practices to ensure that each individual receives the best possible education.

Our instructors are well-educated in the areas of human anatomy and physiology to minimize dance-related injuries and fatigue. In addition, dancers learn about healthy life-styles which includes the importance of proper nutrition and maintaining strength, endurance and flexibility.

The Dance Factory has developed levels appropriate for an individual dancer’s age, maturity and dance experience. The system is designed to advance students in a progressive manner. Our youngest students begin in a creative program that builds on their curiosity, develops their musicality, refines social skills, and teaches dance terms and simple sequence phrases.


The Dance Factory is affiliated with The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of high quality education in the art of dance. Quality dance education is our studio’s goal and continued education is a personal goal for each of our faculty.