Creative Dance

Creative dance lessons in Dover, Delaware

Creative Dance 4-year-olds

For youth ready to participate in a class on their own. Classes focus on developing dance skills, social/emotional learning and self expression.

In this class, dancers explore movement concepts, develop dance skills, strengthen body and brain, and connect with others. The program is progressive and new challenges are introduced throughout the year.

Creative Dance 5-year-olds

For new students to dance or a continuation of our Creative Dance 4 year old class. This class is more technically challenging and is for the student who is ready for more movement skills and collaboration through improvisation.

They will learn to develop their expressive voice by creating dances with their peers by utilizing their dance skills and concepts and using the fundamentals of choreography.

Session-based Format

The 2023-2024 Season will return to Creative Sessions divided into 6-week and 3-week intervals.

Creative sessions will be themed (like our popular Summer Camp Program), and mirror our 2023-2024 Season's Theme: "Wishes, Hopes and Dreams". This immersive approach will continue to focus on developmental skills and encourage dancers to express their personal wishes, hopes and dreams.



Oct 7, 2023 - Nov 17, 2023

Moana is a strong warrior who follows her heart and discovers her peoples’ connection to the sea. Dancers will be delighted by creating “water-dancers”, connect with the Polynesian Culture through cultural dances and create beautiful sensory dances. The session ends with a “show-and-tell” class for parents and friends.

The Land of Sweets

Nov 29, 2023 - Dec 16, 2023
The Land of Sweets

Who doesn’t love candy?

Let’s explore together – it’s going to be a sweet ride! Dancers will explore a variety of music that will bring smiles and warmth as they move into the holiday season. Using songs from Nutcracker and popular holiday music dancers will create “Candy-Filled” show for parents and friends the third week.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Jan 3, 2024 - Feb 10, 2024
When You Wish Upon A Star

We will explore how dreams come true. Dancers will open their minds to making dreams come true using songs of inspiration such as “Almost There” from Disney’s Princess and the Frog, “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” from Disney’s Cinderella, and more.

As in each session they will continue to expand their dance skills, social and emotional learning and self-expression. Our sixth class will be a time for sharing with parents and friends.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

Feb 21, 2024 - Mar 27, 2024
Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

Session 4 and 5 are meant to be combined and will culminate our 2023-24 Season. Starting with Session 4 we will build the foundation of our recital performance number. Our focus will be on developing a special piece to be performed in June. Dancers will be incorporating their skills into a piece that expresses their “Wishes, Hopes and Dream”.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

Apr 10, 2024 - May 8, 2024
Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

This session is a continuation of Session 4. Additional practices will be announced so that the dancers are well-rehearsed for the annual June Recital, TBA.

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