Jazz dance lessons in Dover, Delaware


Ages: 6 to 8.5

Class is designed to be an introduction to jazz class. Ideal for students who have been in the Creative Dance program and are ready for focusing on developing an increased knowledge of body isolations.

In addition to dance concepts students will further develop their musicality increase their knowledge of modern dance influences like Charleston, Twist, Lindy Hop and other dances plus increase their improvisational skills. “BrainDance” warm-up is incorporated into each class time.


Ages: 9 to Adult

A principle-based, student-centered class for older children, teens and adults desiring to deepen their understanding of Jazz Dance. Students will focus on jazz dance technique, improve performance quality and develop complex rhythms and patterns.

Improvisation and student-generated choreography will be part of the program as well as “BrainDance” warm-up in each class time.