Studio Policies

Placement and Evaluation

It is recommended that new students enrolling in classes at The Dance Factory attend a trial class offered during the fall registration period, to evaluate each child’s technique level and provide an accurate level placement. There is a fee for the trial class, which can be applied to the registration fee if you register for the season. Level assignment will be discussed and explained to the parent and student at the end of the class.

For all returning students our staff will assess for appropriate class assignment. Children are placed in class according to their age and ability, and it is possible that they will remain in a particular level for several seasons.

Dress Code

Dress codes are not to diminish one’s individuality but to allow the teacher to clearly see the body for alignment and corrections. At TDF we encourage color in the room but at the same time do not tolerate the wearing of street clothing and physical education attire such as baggy shorts, bulky sweatshirts or oversized tees.

This year, a uniform will be required for all dance classes. The recommended uniform pieces will be on display and available for order during our fall registration period and throughout the year.

As a general rule students should not wear jewelry to class. It could fly off or injure someone, especially if we are working on movement phrases that require partnering. Small stud earrings are acceptable.

Be neat and be clean! All hair should be kept off the face and neck. Hair that moves is a distraction. Ponytails and long braids are hazardous; they might smack someone or even yourself. Respecting others means wearing clean clothing and attending to your personal hygiene. Air out your shoes between classes and most certainly shower or bathe on a regular basis and wear antiperspirant or deodorant. Avoid strong perfumes and body splashes, as other dancers might have an allergic or asthmatic reaction to your scent.


Tuition for all classes are based on the set number of class hours per year. By registering your child for the program, you are agreeing to payment of tuition for the entire length of the season. The Dance Factory season runs from September to June. Students who leave the program early will be responsible for any incurred charges or unpaid payments to date. Class fees are calculated based on the number of hours per week the class is scheduled.

Annual tuition is divided into 9 installments, with the first month plus registration paid at registration, leaving the balance of 8 payments.

Tuition will be auto drafted on the first of each month using the card provided at registration. Fees and/or tuition are NOT refunded. Failure to update credit cards will result in a $15 late fee. A $25 fee is assessed for any and all returned checks.

A 10% Military Family Discount is available for all military families with a valid Military ID. This discount is valid on classes offered September through June only.

Costume Fees will be assessed at the time of registration and all costumes must be paid in full by November 1st. No refunds will be offered for any student who leaves the program prior to the June performance. If a student leaves the program they must submit their withdrawal in writing.

If a child is taking a leave of absence due to illness or injury, a doctor’s note will be required for the child’s records and faculty will evaluate tuition; any charges or unpaid payments must be paid in full.

Make-Up Classes

Inclement Weather may cause the cancellation of classes periodically. TDF will post studio closings on our BAND account through the BAND app. Students are welcome to make-up cancelled classes and should check with their instructor on appropriate make-up classes.